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When comes to purchase of gifts through online, Gift Find is an online shopping Canada database. However, they are popular online store to have more than 300 million gift products for men and women. There are hundreds of shopping sites with them. Either, it is a one stop online store to get the best birthday gift ideas, compare their price online and one can make a safe purchase. It will be an amazing virtual shopping experience for selection of gift products from branded and non-branded articles. The non-branded are innovative stuffs of funny gifts and color full gifts. Get some best birthday gift ideas at Gift Find.

Compare Online for Gift Products and their Prices

The Gift Find is an online shopping Canada database are having categories like Baby gifts, Games , Miscellaneous, Kitchen, Apparel, Sporting Goods, Video, Toys, Watches, Music, Jewelry, Video, Shoes, Books, Appliances, Electronics,  Health & Personal Care products as gift items. These are of world’s top branded products, when comes to electronic and electrical items. Either, one can compare the price of laptops and smart phones of latest arrivals of leading brands. This is the same when comes to other products too. The online price comparison is necessary, when comes to online purchase. This is the smart way to shop in the present world. Since every consumer wish to take a virtual, look at first. They decide a product after price comparison and do make an online purchase for the ease and comforts by saving time and money of the consumers.

Popular Online Shopping Site in Canada

The Gift Find is an online shopping Canada database is a one stop online store for global consumers. Even though, they are Canada based, they are having top brands of the world in their product list. Their website is famous for having vast number of product collection for man and women. The best gift ideas and gift articles are here to select for personal gifts, luxury gifts and funny gifts. They have all products to match with different age size. They do take consumer request and add up in their store in case of such stuffs are not present with them. Either they are consumer friendly and do provide online assistance for the betterment of online shopping experience.

Safe and Reliable Online Purchase

Most often, many have wrong notion of online store purchase or virtual shopping. Nevertheless, if you search for Gift Find is an online shopping Canada database; all you wrong notion about online shopping will go away from your mind. They are very safe when comes to making online payment. When you select a product and put them in your basket, the right stuff reaches you. They never miss the quality and quantity for its online purchasers. The number of hits and online purchase transaction make them popular among online shopping site in Canada and rest of the world. They do agree upon their online purchase terms and condition and always favor its consumers. This kind of quality customer service makes them one of the unique online Shoppes.



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Hey again, hey again. It’s been quite a few months hasn’t it? Bah. Where to begin? Well, the easy answer is my computer was busted for a while and I didn’t have access to my scanner and whatnot. The REAL answer though… is that at this point in my life I am not quite sure what I want to do with this comic. Wait-wait, lemme explain!

Storywise, structure-wise, bam, I know exactly what’s gonna happen, I’ve been knowing what’s gonna happen, so it’s not a problem there. But since the past year and a half I’ve gone to college I’ve really felt like I’ve grown up a lot and that includes growing out of a lot of things, comic included. It’s not even a case of me getting tired of the comic I think, more like I no longer feel strongly about or feel connected to the certain themes and styles SoF represents. SoF was influenced by a lot of things I was into in high school, and drawing comic pages now make me feel like I’m trying to imitate something. It’s just not natural anymore. I’m still into comics, no doubt. But stylistically SoF is a little past its prime.

So what now? A lot of people are gonna be angry and guilt-trippy over this like I’m some negligent mother, but believe me, the fate of the comic has given me enough grief as it is. I don’t dislike the comic. I like it very much in fact. And I would really really like to see it done. In fact, I would suck it up and just finish it already if it weren’t for the fact that there are several hundred pages left and that is too much of a commitment these days when I want to be exploring other ideas, having a life, and going to school. So….really what now? I don’t know. I have a few options, but this baby’s been with me for over 4 years and I’d rather sit on it a while before making any drastic decisions. So for the time being I’m gonna call a time-out, and hopefully the next time I see you I will have something definite to say. Until then thank you to all who’ve been supportive, who’ve stayed with SoF all these years, and to all you readers who’ve made the comic what it is, it’s been so crazy cool. Cheers.